About Us

Welcome to Sharkspace, where work meets quirkiness! 

About Sharkspace

Dive into a co-working experience like no other where our personalised cabins are not just workstations; they are mini universes where your imagination can run wild.

As you enter Sharkspace, you’ll instantly feel a different vibe that tickles your senses. Picture this: The walls are designed with kaleidoscopic artwork, inspiring quotes, and hilarious memes that will make your day.

Our tagline, “Create Your Own Work Place,” says it all. Forget those grey cubicles and dull décor; we encourage you to craft a workspace that reflects your unique style and goals. We have got the diversity of sharks; friendly sharks to keep our folks motivated

As you make your way to your personalized cabin, you’ll notice each one is named after aquatic animals. Yeah, “we do things differently here!”.

Need something unique to focus? Go for “SEA HORSE”. Feel like an all-rounder? Well, “OCTOPUS” got 8 hands! Slow and steady wins the race? How about the “TURTLE!” For those finding their “LOBSTERS”; we got you! Looking for wonders of the world and its beautifulness, “JELLYFISH” is the one. And for our friendly and extrovert folks, “DOLPHIN” marks the spots!  With Sharkspace, you can choose the cabin that suits your work style and rocks your Sharkitude!

So come on in and join Sharkspace. Allow our space to be your mini-verse of workitude!

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